COVID-19 Guidelines

ISR instructors have long been held to stringent pre-defined safety protocols as a condition of our certification. This has made the transition into the current environment a seamless one!


These protocols include a 1:1 ratio, no physical contact between instructor and parent, mandatory 3 towel rule (child is placed or sits on 2 towels on the pool deck to protect from germs), and strict illness guidelines for keeping children home from lessons and enabling their safe return once they are feeling better. 


In the upcoming indoor 2021 sessions we will be wearing a mask for all lessons and will require parents to wear them in the pool facility and on the pool deck as well. Below are additional policies and procedures as it relates to COVID-19. We apologize for any inconvenience the implementation of these policies causes your family, but we assure you the changes are in the best interest of safety for all.

★ If travel to a "hot state" has been necessary, please wait for a start date until it has been a minimum of 14 days since you have returned from travel outside of the state.


★ If you or anyone in your home has experienced: fever, cough, shortness of breath, or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days, kindly stay home and alert your instructor right away.

★ If you have been in contact with someone that has/had COVID-19 in the last 14 days, please alert your instructor before coming to your child’s lesson to discuss a new start/resume date.

★ If you must bring sibling(s) they must stay within arm’s reach of you at all times or in a stroller if unable to stay close to you independently.

★ Use provided hand sanitizer at the pool deck for yourself and child(ren) BEFORE placing your child at the hand in/out area, 

★ Facial coverings are mandatory to enter the pool area. Students, as well as siblings under the age of 3, are not required to wear a mask. Your instructor will be wearing a mask for all lessons but may speak to you and your child from a safe distance without it on to give them an opportunity to see their smiling face!

★ Please answer the daily BUDS questionnaire fully and completely.

★ Exit the pool area immediately following your child’s lesson for the day. Your instructor will be available for questions later in the day via text or phone.

★ Do not wring out wet swim diapers or clothing on the pool deck

★ No eating or drinking in the pool area