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Summer Camps + Water Safety: What To Consider

Updated: May 19, 2023

Summer camp is a rite of passage for our children- friends, crafts, fresh air, and swimming...right? Well, it depends!

If swimming is offered at the camp you are considering, you should be asking a TON of questions, even if your child is a skilled swimmer. Remember- swimming is an activity that takes place in a completely unforgiving environment and when it comes to camp, you won't be there to supervise your child yourself.

Here is some guidance that can help you to choose a camp that is well suited to your child's age, ability, and your comfort level as their parent:

Guidance for Families with Children Under Age 5

Guidance for Families with Children Over Age 5

Camp should be fun, but it also needs to be safe! Don't assume a camp has the correct protocols in a mama bear or papa bear and don't be afraid to get all the info you need. Happy hunting <3

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